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I am Autumn, a responsible fibre artist and founder of WithAutumn. I started WithAutumn with the mission to spread the word about traditional textile techniques and share my journey in natural dyeing, textile crafts and mindful processes.


At WithAutumn, we work with craftsmen and artisans around the world who have been doing their craft for generations – such as our Indian block carvers and women Khadi weavers, and employ fair trade practices that take care of their social and environmental well-being. Our aim is to celebrate the the joy of these artisans and keeping the age old traditional crafts alive through combining them with modern designs and experiential workshops. 



My career began in graphic design and advertising, and later F&B after completing a full time diploma majoring in modern Asian and Italian cuisines and worked as a chef in several fine dining restaurants. With these skills and experiences, I am able to modify and create processes that work with modern day technology and application. I strive to use my skills and experiences to push boundaries of traditional craft techniques and achieve modern yet timeless and practical work.


If you like what I am doing, follow my fibre and textile trail and be a part of this journey WithAutumn.

Autumn Brown

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