I am Autumn, a designer and chef by trade. With my love for making beautiful things and delicious food, I've decided to marry the two by harvesting colours from edibles and botanicals, and design. I'm on a journey to turn these materials into natural dyes for textiles and paper, to be made into meaningful goods later.


Born and raised in Singapore, I am very blessed to have gained a snippet of the kampong life in this fast-moving city whilst living with my grandmother. I vaguely remember her saving onion skins and boiling them to make a pastel orangey-yellow solution to dye small doilies she crocheted. At the age of 5, it was pretty but not something I took interest in.


25 years later, I found myself in search of and harvesting local plants and food remnants to make natural dyes. This process is more than just adding colour to a white piece of cloth or paper: It is a mindful choice I made hoping to bring design closer to nature by increasing the sustainability of the process, extending the usable life of ingredients, educating and raising greater awareness for Mother Nature.

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