Have you ever wanted dye in the comfort of your own home? (i could never word this without sounding wrong =D) Have a favourite linen shirt that got stained and you wish you can overdye it? Or do you simply want to dye yarn and fabric for your own projects?
In this class, I will be sharing an overview on how the amazing indigo dye is prepared from plant to pigment, explaining how indigo dyeing works and the difference between indigo and other natural dyes. After the intro, we dive into the secrets to preparing an organic indigo vat at home where you learn from a live demo, take notes and receive tips on indigo vat maintenance.
After learning how to make an indigo vat, you'll get to experience dyeing in our indigo vats to achieve different shades of blue and kickstart your indigo logbook. You'll receive our DIY Natural Indigo Kit at the end of the class that you can use to start your own indigo vat at home too – the pigment in the kit would allow you to dye at least 1kg of fibre to a medium shade of blue.

Did you know? Indigo is one of the oldest dyes used to colour fabric and was the only dye used to dye denim jeans. To dye a dark midnight blue, it some times takes more than 60 dips in the dye vat to achieve.
Please come dressed in clothes that you don’t mind getting some dye on. Aprons and gloves will be provided if you need them.

How-To Indigo Vat At Home & Dyeing Experience

Workshop Date
  • This demo will only commence when we hit a minimym of 4 participants and is limited to a maximum of 6 participants only.

    If the minimum class size is not met, we will inform you to reschedule the class to a later date or arrange a full refund if the class is cancelled. You will receive your refund within 5-7 business days, depending on your issuing bank.

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