Fibre Content 100% recycled cotton

Weight handspun

Yardage 50g / ~132m / ~145yds
(please note the yardage may differ due to the nature of handspinning)



This sustainable yarn is handspun out of a spinning mill's cotton fibre waste. In the spinning mill, premium cotton fibre undergo combing and carding during the refining process. The waste fibre from the cotton combing process are then handspun into yarn that is characterised by natural cotton specks all over the yarn.


We work with women in Indonesia to handspin these yarn during their free time in the comfort of their own home. No electricity is used as they use traditional Charka to spin them, hence explaining the irregular weight per skein usually weighing between 100-180g each. Fret not! As natural dyers, we understand irregular weights are not the best so we've taken the extra step to weigh and wind these skeins in 50g and 100g for your convenience.


If you've tried spinning yarn before you'll know cotton is one of the hardest to spin fibre due to it's short fibre length. Recycled cotton fibre has even shorter fibre length making hand spinning even more difficult. It takes years of practice and skills for these women to create these beautiful artisanal yarn.


Due to the minimally processed nature of these yarn, they dye up really well too. I'd recommend double scouring the recycled cotton yarn before mordanting and dyeing as they contain natural impurities from the cotton fibre.


Working on a large project? We offer bulk order discounts too! Simply send us an email with your requirements so we can work out something special for you!

Undyed Handspun Recycled Cotton Yarn

  • Dissolve 1% wof neutral detergent + 1% wof soda ash in tap water.
    Add wetted fibre.
    Slowly bring up to boiling point and simmer for an hour or two.
    Leave yarn to cool in scouring bath.
    Rinse thoroughly.

    Repeat the above if scouring bath is brown.

    Mordant as desired depending on the type of dyes you use.

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