DIY Punch Needle Kit (Chunky Yarn) - Alpaca Superstar

DIY Punch Needle Kit (Chunky Yarn) - Alpaca Superstar

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Punch needle embroidery has taken the textile craft world by storm! You’ve probably have seen it when you were little as it goes way back to the days when our grandmas made rugs at home. This is a super satisfying craft that is easy to pick up and great for children!

We put together this kit with materials and tools we use ourselves and did illustrations that are friendly to children (and the child at heart)! This kit includes all materials for you to get started and complete a framed punch needle art around 25x25cm you can proudly hang or display at home or in your kid's room. It comes beautifully packaged in a sturdy kraft box so it's great for gifting too!


  • An Oxford punch needle tool (#10 Reg)
  • Mini Scissors
  • Prestretched monk's cloth on frame (~ 25x25cm)
  • Template for you to trace
  • Merino roving yarn
  • Video tutorial access
  • Illustrated e-guide

A downloadable PDF guide will be emailed to you after purchase. Visit our tutorials page to learn more!




I have selected the ultra pillowy fluffy yarn for this kit beautifully dyed by Dyeing House Gallery (DHG) in Prato, Italy where we visited their close-loop factory and love their philosophy and processes. I hope this package would encourage you / your child to pick up the craft of punch needle and inspire you to make many more  punchy things.

It is optional to follow the design template, feel free to draw your own designs too but do note the yarn amount is measured as per our design.

Join the punch needle gang and get hooked punching away!

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