Scarf Painting With Natural Dyes Workshop

Scarf Painting With Natural Dyes Workshop

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Immerse yourself in the intriguing world of natural dyeing through our scarf painting workshop! Discover the beauty of creating your own color palette using concentrated natural dyes and fashion a unique scarf through brush strokes and mark-making techniques. Spend up the first half of the workshop crafting a 70x70cm cotton-linen scarf, and the remaining time for the colours to steam set before the final rinse.

While you work, we'll share insights into the chemistry of natural dyes and showcase inspiring pieces from talented artists around the world. Dress comfortably in clothes you don't mind getting dye on; aprons and gloves are available if needed.

With a limited group of just 8 participants, our instructor provides personalized guidance. Note that the workshop might be rescheduled if the minimum class size of 2 isn't reached, and you'll be notified of changes at least 2 days prior.

Can't find a suitable date? Consider a private workshop for groups of 4 or more.For large groups of 10 and more,reach out to us via email at or DM us on Instagram for inquiries.