Beginner Crochet Course

Beginner Crochet Course

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** Please note this is a 4-Part Course, each session is 2 hours.

Have you always been wondering how bags, soft toys, clothes and almost everything is made using just a crochet hook and some yarn? Crochet is a craft that requires very little and is such a portable craft we often take on road trips, on the plane and even on our daily commute.

We have designed this beginner crochet course to help you get started on the basics, develop the right habits such as how to hold yarn and hook, counting stitches and reading patterns. This course is perfect for people who have absolutely zero experience in crochet and want to learn as well as those who want to rekindle their love for crochet and simply need a refresher.


Let's look at the overview on what we will cover in each two-hour session.

You will learn the absolute basics on how to hold the crochet hook and yarn, what is gauge and how to pair the right crochet hook size with your yarn. We will focus on crochet terminology and foundation techniques (slip knot, chain and single crochet). You will crochet a flat piece with 90º corners. After this class you will be able to make the simplest of all projects such as square coasters.

After being a pro in making square flat things, you are now ready to learn the other stitches – half double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, and to crochet in a round. We will also share how to read crochet patterns.

You're sort of the expert by now and bored of making flat things. Let's throw in a bit of fun – the magic loop! We will cover how to make flat shapes such as circles, oval, triangle and square – these are great for bag bases or start an amigurumi project. For learners who are quicker to pick up, we will get you started on granny squares too.

Personal project time. You can bring a crochet kit with pattern you bought, or choose from our beginner-friendly crochet pattern and purchase materials in the studio for it. We will be here to support you as you get started on your first crochet project.

• 1x Tulip Etimo crochet hook
• yarn (for learning)
• crochet guide

With the foundation all set, you will find it much easier to understand free patterns online and video tutorials for other different stitches and have the confidence to embark on larger projects.

Our Intermediate and Advance crochet courses are in the works too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Course will commence with a minimum of 2 sign ups and capped at a maximum of 6 participants. If you'd like a private course, please email us and we can work something out for you.