Honest Hues Pintal Handspun Cotton Yarn (Indigo No.3)

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Introducing Honest Hues, the latest addition to the WithAutumn family, featuring a beautiful array of naturally dyed goods. Our appreciation for nature's palette shines through as we utilise locally sourced ingredients alongside global finds, incorporating food waste whenever possible. Each hank of yarn is artfully dyed by hand in our Singapore studio. 

Pintal is a handspun recycled cotton yarn that came from a spinning mill's cotton fibre waste. In the spinning mill, premium cotton fibre undergo combing and carding during the refining process. The waste fibre from the cotton combing process are then spun by hand into yarn that is characterised by natural specks all over the yarn. We work with women in Indonesia who spin these yarn during their free time in the comfort of their own home. No electricity is used as they use traditional charka to spin them, hence explaining the irregular weight per skein. Please note the weight of each hank is between 100-120g, and could have a maximum of two joints.

Recycled cotton fibre has a shorter fibre length than fresh cotton making hand spinning even more difficult. It takes years of practice and skills for these women to create these beautiful artisanal yarn.

Fibre Content 100% recycled cotton
Weight handspun – ranges from lace to dk
Yardage 100g / ~260 m / ~284 yd
(please note the yardage is only an estimate and may vary due to the nature of hand spinning)
Needle Size 3 - 4.5 mm
Hook Size 3.5 - 5 mm

If you prefer your hanks wound into convenient ready-to-use cakes, simply include the "winding service" in your cart and leave a note during checkout.

Please note that colours will vary between computer-phone-tablet monitors and dye baths, and though we try our best to post colour-accurate photos, variations should be anticipated. For any questions or concerns about colour exactness, please visit our studio to look and feel the yarn in person.

Natural dyes fade beautifully with time and may run a bit when washed but will retain their vibrancy with proper care.