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Phuyu Bulky Merino Yarn - Premordanted

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Each hank of yarn has been mordanted with either symplocos or alum + cream of tartar, and ready to go into the dye pot. Simply prewet it thoroughly before dyeing. As the yarn is non-superwash, take extra care in heating and moving the yarn so as to prevent felting.

Phuyu [“cloud” in Quechua] is a 2-ply lofty bulky merino wool yarn. It is super soft, squishy and a dream to work with. They are a joy to work with, and dyes beautifully with both natural and acid dyes. We absolutely love using this yarn from making pompoms to quick knits to punch needling!

Fibre Content 100% merino wool (non superwash)
Weight 2-ply bulky
Yardage 100g / 90 m / 98 yd
Needle Size 5.5 - 8 mm
Hook Size 6.5 - 9 mm
Punch Needle Size Oxford punch needle (all sizes), Lavor adjustable punch needle