Prym Iron On Transfer Marker (Violet)

Prym Iron On Transfer Marker (Violet)

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The iron-on transfer pen from Prym is a good choice for transferring embroidery patterns onto fabrics.


  1. Trace your design onto parchment/transfer paper using a regular pen or marker.
  2. Ensure that the motif is displayed the correct way round, trace the motif on the reverse side of the parchment/transfer paper with Prym iron-on transfer marker.
  3. Iron your motif onto the fabric with marker ink side down.


  • Never draw directly onto the fabric.
  • Ink is permanent and does not wash out.
  • Make sure you embroider / needle punch over the lines since the markings do not wash out.
  • Transfer pen works with all types of fabric both natural and synthetic.
  • Iron temperature should be set according to the type of fabric you are using.