Get started on your weaving journey With Autumn!

Learn how to warp a frame loom two ways and basic weaving techniques that empower you to weave professional looking textures and tapestries! Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your completed masterpieces! #weavewithautumn

By warping the frame with a strong yarn, you create a vertical "backbone" to weave on. 

You can warp your frame loom depending on your preference – single warp for chunky yarn weaving (optional to use heddle bar) and double warp with the heddle bar for fine yarn weaving resulting in a denser fabric.

Lasercut Frame Loom


Wooden Frame Loom


With a few simple weaving techniques combined with different textured yarn, you'll create bobbles, braids, tassels and fringes, and tight weaves. Mix and match, and fill you the entire warped area with textures. Do note we are weaving on our old weaving loom version here the but techniques and concepts are the same.