wood block printing on khadi cotton cushion
block printing workshop participants scarf, khadi tote bag, nettle fabric
wood block printing on khadi cotton cushion
block printing workshop participants scarf, khadi tote bag, nettle fabric

Indian Wood Block Printing Workshop

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Join us in our wood block printing class and learn about the age-old technique of hand block printing. Block printing is something that looks easy to do but it takes years and years of experience to do well. In this 2.5-3 hour class, you will learn the basics of pattern design using single unit motifs, different types of suitable fabric, how to set up for block printing at home and receive tips on how to properly get well aligned, consistent, close-to-perfect prints onto fabric.

You will get to select from a large variety of wood block stamps that are hand carved by our craftsmen and print on a choice or cushion cover, tote bag or scarf handwoven and made by the skilled women weavers and seamstresses in India.

• khadi cushion with piped edging & invisible zipper closure (~ 50x50cm) / 2hr
• handwoven nettle totebag (fits A3 size) / 2hr
• khadi cotton scarf (~2m long) / 3hr

Exclusively for our block printing workshops, we work with family-owned Indian artisans who have been honing their craft for generations – such as our block carvers and women weavers and seamstresses. We only work with organisations that employ fair trade practices which take care of the rural artisans' social and environmental well-being and does not maximise profit at their expense. Through our traditional craft workshops, we aim to celebrate the the joy of these artisans and keeping the age old traditional crafts alive.

WHAT IS KHADI? Khadi is a term used for fabrics that are hand-spun and handwoven, usually from cotton fiber. The fabric is known for its rugged texture, comfortable feel and ability to keep people warm in winter while keeping them cool during the summer. Khadi is manufactured in two steps: turning the fiber into yarn using tools like spinning wheels (Charkha) and then weaving the yarn into fabric using looms.

Fun fact: According to the Indian Flag Code, khadi is the only material that can be used for India's flag. Flying an Indian flag that is not made from khadi is punishable by law with imprisonment up to 3 years plus a fine.

WHAT IS NETTLE? Nettle is an earth-friendly fibre and an excellent alternative to hemp and jute, it is a strong fibre that gets softer with each wash. Nettle fabric is handspun and handwoven from the fibres from the Common Stinging nettle – Urtica Dioica Himalayan Nettle (Girardinia Diversifolia). Himalayan Nettle growing on a commercial basis is a possible ‘carbon neutral’ natural fibre with no waste. Nettle fabric is bio-degradable and 100% sustainable too. And no, they don’t sting!

This workshop is suitable for adults & children above 6 years old. Children has to be accompanied by a participating adult.

We are only accepting private workshop requests for this workshop as we free up slots for new workshops!

Block printing WithAutumn is excellent to spend a therapeutic craftsy birthday, hen party or simple for some family time! We are happy to host a private workshop for you as long as you have 4 pax! Simply email us at hello@withautumn.com or send us an DM on Instagram to enquire.