The Lavor Adjustable Punch Needle is our go-to for punching ribbon strips and multiple strands of thinner yarn together. Here are two videos showing how to use the tool so you can get started and experiment with textures!

Step 1: Threading the tool
Unlike the Oxford punch needle which has a slit for quick and easy threading, the adjustable punch needle features a closed 5mm diameter needle and requires a wire threader to help pull the yarn through. We see this as an advantage especially when we are punching multiple strands of thin yarn – this helps to keep the yarn inside the needle instead of slipping out.

Step 2: Start punching
Remember to always stretch your foundation fabric taut like a drum. This is the key to consistent loop heights when punching. Using a non-slip hoop such as the Morgan No-slip Hoop makes things a lot easier too.

If DIY is not your thing, we encourage you to join our Chunky Punch Needle Textures Workshop where you'll learn tips, tricks and how to design your own punch needle work in our studio. Welcome to the punch needle gang! #punchwithautumn