Have you wondered what can you make (that does not require sewing) after learning to needle punch? You can only hang so many punch needle art on your wall afterall or your mum has been nagging at you for taking up the cupboard space for having so many framed punch needle art!

Here we show you an easy method to turn your punch needle creations into statement brooches you can wear or gift. No sewing required – erm ok, a little bit of super easy 5-minute sewing but it's optional.

We assumed you already know how to operate the lavor fine punch needle set, but if you have not tried punching with it, do check out our other tutorial here.

Materials you'll need:
• Lavor fine punch needle (smallest needle)
• 6-ply embroidery floss or lace weight yarn
• Khadi cotton fabric or any woven cotton/linen fabric
• Thread cutter
• Felt sheet
• Fabric glue
• Brooch pin
• Sewing needle & thread
• A fine tip permanent marker
• Brooch design (download our template here if you can't draw)

Let's get started!

• We highly recommend sewing on the brooch pin than using a glue gun, but if sewing is really not your thing, feel free to attach the brooch pin by glueing!
• You can also use two thin button magnets instead of a pin. Simply omit the pin, sandwich one button magnet between the back of your punch needle piece and the felt backing and glue the felt backing down. Secure your brooch by placing your shirt between the brooch and the other button magnet.

We'd love to see your brooch designs! Wear them, flaunt them, share them with us by tagging @withautumn.sg on Instagram and #punchwithautumn. Have fun punching!