If you are interested in natural dyeing and not sure where to start, we designed a DIY Bundle Dyeing Kit that's perfect for a fuss-free dyeing experience at home.

Here are two really simple bundling methods you can get started and when you feel more adventurous later on, experiment different styles and even come up with your own special bundling techniques!


They are super easy right? Here's the full step-by-step how to bundle dye at home.


You'll Need:
• WithAutumn DIY Bundle Dyeing Kit or premordanted silk scarf/fabric and some natural dye materials

• a large pot with lid for steaming
• a bamboo steamer / steaming rack
• a hob or heat source
– or –
• an electronic steamer

• Prepare your work surface. Cover with some plastic sheet or cling film to protect it if you like.

• Set up your steamer and get it up to a strong simmer.

• Wet your scarf and squeeze out excess water so it is not dripping.

• Lay your wetted scarf on your work surface.

• Decide which bundle dyeing technique you like to use or let your inner Picasso take over!

• Place your bundle carefully into the steamer and steam for at least 1 hour.

• Once it is cool enough to touch, you may rinse it well and hang dry in a shaded, well ventilated area. We highly recommend you let the bundle sit for 18-24 hours before rinsing as this would allow time for the natural dyes to work resulting in longer lasting colours. We also know you probably can't wait to unravel it so we'll let you decide.

• You may iron the silk scarf on low setting to remove any creases from bundling. And viola! You just dyed a beautiful one of a kind scarf at home.

We use a mix of natural dye materials in our dye blends and each material bond to fibre at different strengths. It means you'll find some dyes last longer while some fade quicker over time – this is absolutely normal as even synthetic dyes fade over the years. Embrace the changes and enjoy your scarf!

How To Care For Your Naturally Dyed Scarf:
• handwash in cold water
• use pH neutral soap
• dry in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight
• iron with care on delicate/silk setting
• do not bleach